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Research Chemicals Crystal

Research Chemicals Crystal Pioneers in the industry, we offer 4F-PVP Crystals, Docusate Sodium USP, K Mine HCL Crystal, 3-MeOMC, Lidocaine Powder and 4-Tert-ButylPhenol

Physical State Crystals
Purity 99%
Release Type Controlled
Country Of Origin usa
Type of Chemical Compound Methane, Ammonia
Form of Chemicals Liquid, Solid

These substances carry a high level of risk because of how they are made, labeled, marketed, and used. Compared with their analogs – that is, the drugs they are designed to resemble – synthetic drugs can result in severe physical and psychological reactions and symptoms that are far more dangerous. They have been labeled by the Office of National Drug Control Policy as a threat to public health and safety.